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Version 13.06 [2/27/2017]
  1. Time sheet header, employee can have only one header in the same crew
  2. Time sheet header, employee can have multiple headers with different crews
  3. Time sheet header, use rounding time to set date-in for employees within the same crew
Version 12.12 [2/16/2017]
  1. Added job repair equipment
  2. Time sheet line duplicate range includes application
  3. Fixed Job repair equipment
  4. Added Validation of Time-in and Time-out
  5. Added camera to screens: PO, JC, Measurement, TS, TSL, CTI, CTO, CJC
  6. Moved camera location to top
  7. Fixed camera size to fit better different devices size
  8. Updated Spanish translation
  9. Fixed sound issues
  10. Updated algorithm of assigning equipment when job is repair or requires equipment
  11. Added preference "Required Field in PO"
Version 11.24 [10/24/2016]
  1. Crew screen: prevent saving record without employee selected
  2. Close keyboard on back press
  3. Enable camera for scanning bar-codes
  4. Enable search in item selection using keyboard
  5. New design to the time sheet screens
  6. Moved equipment to the scroll view with the same design as multi employee selection
  7. Improved code history algorithm
  8. Force sync to start immediately
  9. In Field selection show also the ranch name, In Variety selection show also the crop name
  10. Improved auto populated if one exists
  11. Play sound after each scan that doesn't save the record
  12. Shorten error and success sounds
  13. Import file can delete specific setup record
  14. Time in screen shows previous employee in the bottom
  15. Consider pieces as time job to be piece job
  16. Import preferences with empty value
  17. Enable recording location
  18. Don't send error email if import file updates records
  19. General improvements and Added additional preferences
Version 10.98 [2/17/2016]
  1. Support Spanish
  2. Added Colors to the main menu buttons
  3. Added sound: Delete and select job in piece out
  4. Added require equipment to Job record
  5. Changed Piece out duplicate range algorithm
  6. Use aliases in all screens
  7. If one ranch exists, don't show it in the time-in screen
  8. Added Time sheet header and Time sheet line screens
  9. Changed Main menu screen to be scroll view
  10. Changed screens view (Text size, buttons size) depend on the device size
  11. Added Ag-Row to piece out screen
  12. Improved screens load time
  13. Improved processing bar-code time
  14. Sync: backup database only if number of backup to keep is more than 0
  15. Added List to the crew time-in and crew time-out screens
  16. After record saved show message "Record saved" or "Record updated"
  17. If ranch is selected, populated the field based on the selected ranch
  18. Increased font of number of piece in Piece-out screen
  19. Piece out screen support jobs of data tracking types
  20. Added Code history - roll assignment
  21. Added import in real time preference
  22. Added excused absence job with validation on sync
  23. If preference use employee badge only is yes, clicking on the employee show employee list without selection option
  24. Add date time to the error log file
  25. Improved Larid scale 6200 communication
  26. Added measurement module
  27. General improvements and Added additional preferences
Version 9.42 [12/19/2014]
  1. Added preference: Include only working employees in Time-out and Piece-out
  2. Show "Crew all employees on Job" only in Crew time-in and Crew Time-out
  3. Piece out screens: Moved previous employee and pieces to the bottom of the screen
  4. Show preferences by alphabetical order
  5. Allow 0 pieces in Crew piece out screen
  6. After using the pieces keyboard show the number in blue in the center of the screen
  7. Use Aliases in warning messages
Version 9.39 [11/12/2014]
  1. Added preference: built-in scanner
  2. Import: clear records if Clear = True, also when there is no new records
  3. Fixed Piece-out screens and break screens to work with scanner (Galaxy devices)
  4. Fixed count display for scanning employees (Galaxy devices)
Version 9.38 [10/17/2014]
  1. Added display screen to Crew piece-out
  2. Piece display screen: allow to scan employee in all employee display screens
  3. Piece display screen: Use the job and field from the first time in which is not idle
  4. List: change the text size of the time and ranch rows to be larger
  5. Added "Use home crew" to the crew time in and crew time out
  6. Piece out and Crew piece out: mention if the record was saved or updated
  7. New preference: "use carry over in piece out"
  8. Crew piece out - set crew as mandatory field
  9. Updated the duplicate range algorithm
  10. Time in, Time out, Piece out screens: enable save button after save
  11. Updated Crew time-in algorithm when crew is mix
  12. Added Aliases for import, export and sync buttons
  13. Added preference: "Number of Seconds Previous Pieces displays"
  14. Allow screen orientation Portrait by sensor
  15. Updated Crew time in algorithm (No need to crew time in after break)
Version 9.35 [7/29/2014]
  1. Fixed break length to default after saving a break record
  2. Fixed Piece out display to show Field and Job
  3. Fixed bug in loading Piece out screen when preference Create Piece out from Time-in is opposite
  4. Improved algorithm to receive employees in Crew time in and Crew time out
  5. Added preference: Crew Employees Current On Job
  6. Fixed the keyboard populate when preference: allow edit is No
  7. Piece out screen: Fixed bug in populating crew from time in
  8. Fixed bug in Crew piece out when only one crew exist
  9. Added the option to scan employee using the alternate code
  10. Added in display selection screen and display screen the option to scan employee and get is totals by job
  11. Added in piece out screen the total for employee after scan
Version 9.33 [6/19/2014]
  1. Application is compatible with devices without camera


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